Vision & Mission

Sew N Tell is a movement. It is an ever changing exclusive fashion concept. Every item is designed to tell a story. Every story is different and told by the person who is wearing it. We Sew, you Tell Sew N Tell designs monochrome fashion with clean cuts released in limited quantities. By combining artistic forms with quality materials, Sew N Tell strives to become an established player who creates trendy yet affordable and unique clothing for kids and young woman who are not afraid to be unique.

Created to Tell a Story

Sew N Tell has an ingenious way of creating fashion. For Sew N Tell, fashion equals art. It is beautiful, creative, inspiring and full of personality. Fashion is personal. Wearing a piece you chose is all about making it your own. And fashion is about expressing your own style without using words. It can tell your story. The essence of the Sew N Tell philosophy is captured in the special cut and incomparable design. The overall monochrome pallet keeps every design clean and contemporary. Every one of us has a fashion narrative. What story are you telling?

Who We Are

Sew N Tell was created in 2015 by Noora Almazrui and Latifa Alhamed, two ambitious young woman with a talent for design and a passion for fashion. Creating something original and compelling means creating a connection between the client and the end product. It’s about designing something different for those who buy with their hearts and not only with their heads. What started with fashion alone has now grown into a full concept going beyond clothing only. After launching their first clothing line in the summer of 2015, they soon developed a perfume which was introduced during Festember 2016. In March of this year, in house designed sunglasses were added to the range.